STILL Pregnant

Yep, you read that correctly.  I never thought I would be taking a picture of myself at 40.5 weeks pregnant but alas, I did.  (Despite the well-known statistic that the majority of first time Mom’s go something like an average of a week past…)

I could have already been induced but I would prefer to go into labor when my body is ready…obviously with the doctor giving the OK that the baby and myself are in no danger.

One of my favorite things at this stage is unsolicited advice, albeit by well-meaning individuals.  I guarantee that most women that have passed their due date have researched every possible way to get the baby to come out already.  I even told the nail lady at my pedicure two weeks ago to hit all those acupressure points she was trained not to hit around the ankle.

Oh well, the baby will come when it is ready or when the doctor decides that an induction is necessary.  In the mean time, I’ll just sit here and smile and nod when people give me their opinion and then promptly ignore them.  It’s probably good that I start practicing that as I hear it only gets worse when the baby is actually here. 

PS - Due dates are like unicorns, no, they are like demon dragons.  I’m pretty sure the Devil had something to do with “due dates” as less than 5% of women actually deliver on their “due date”.  Due dates are a method of torture, early or late.  Or maybe they have something to do with “the fall” of Adam and Eve and part of that whole “women will be in pain in childbirth” Bible verse in Genesis.  (Except that verse also mentions men having to toil the land and, hello 21st century, how many men do you know that still have to toil the land?  But that is a rant for another day…)

Still Pregnant

That will probably be my title each time I post until I have the baby.  Ha!

Since it has been a while since I took / posted a picture, here is me at 38 weeks, 1 day (aka - Sunday):

What?  Not dressed up enough?  Well, you should know that was the most dressed up I got all weekend and that was just to go pick up some pizza.

It is hard to believe my due date is in less than two weeks.  We are pretty much ready - hospital bag packed, room set up, diapers out, crown molding up in the dining room (what?  that wasn’t on your pre-baby to-do list?), etc.

My appointment went well last Friday in that the baby is still doing well but apparently in no hurry to make an exit.  The Captain of the Worm Brigade’s (aka - my brother) birthday is Friday so it would be cool if Baby H came that day.  Unfortunately, I kind of doubt it.  Baby H is probably still growing his/her lips and the pompadour that he/she will most likely inherit from Dave (given my mass amounts of heartburn!).

Scary Products for Your Children

I need to post an updated picture, maybe I’ll take one today. 

Basically I feel like I have approached that phase where the baby bump is no longer cute and is just ridiculously huge and creepy.  I’ll spare you the bare skin version because I can barely look at it without thinking of Kate Gosselin.  These thoughts morph into “oh my gosh, there is no amount of elasticity that will allow my skin to go back to anything close to what it was” which can then lead to crying.

So!  Instead of crying while staring at my belly, I entertain myself with articles like this!  Some of these products are VERY creepy and / or ridiculous.  Enjoy!

Full Term

What what!  Okay, well, in full disclosure, most sites say 37 weeks while some say 38.  I’m going with 37 thank you very much.

This about sums it up.  Especially this: “Are probably dismayed to realize you are STILL outgrowing your maternity clothes. Your shirts ride up to reveal a couple inches of belly”.

I refuse, REFUSE I tell you!, to purchase any other maternity clothes.  All of the fellow gym-goers can deal with my too tight t-shirts because hey, at least I am at the gym instead of building an oreo fortress on my belly while watching the latest season premiere.

Also in full disclosure:  I do enjoy a good oreo tower with dragon (me) destroying scenario from time-to-time.

I’d have to say the only craving I’ve had, and I would say it falls more in the category of enjoy-more-than-normal, has been for watermelon.  I don’t buy it every time I’m at the store or anything, but when I do buy it, I can’t get enough of it.

At times it seems like I have been pregnant F-O-R-E-V-E-R while also seeming like, wait, what? three to four weeks left?  Wow, that was fast!  Lately, with all of the fun IT band pain at night and the t-shirts not fitting, I’m definitely feeling more of the forever category.

Most people, probably 98.27%, are guessing boy.  I’m pretty sure that means Baby H will be a girl.  I still have no inkling one way or the other.  Nor do I have any feeling of going early vs. late.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy these last few weeks with it being just Dave and I!

36 Weeks, 5 days

My checkup went well yesterday.  The doctor said I am measuring 39 weeks (am feeling massive, no wonder!) as I have a lot of amniotic fluid (good) for the baby to hang out in.  The doctor also guesstimated that Baby H is 6lbs 8ozs…

6.5lbs + 3 more weeks (~0.5lb / week) = 8 lb baby

I have heard that these guesses are pretty inaccurate.  I’m just not sure if the doctor is going to be inaccurate in the + or - direction. 

The baby is all nice and squished up inside so the below picture isn’t the best, but you get the idea - especially with my handy-dandy descriptions.

I commented that the lips look rather large (ahem - a la David) but the ultrasound tech said they all look like that.  I don’t believe her but I also don’t care if the baby has bigger lips.  They certainly aren’t hurting Angelina Jolie!

Tomorrow I will be full term - aka - pack those bags!, install that car seat!, freak out!, lay on the couch!, freak out some more!  

Happy Friday!


I couldn’t help it.  I have been so good about not buying clothing items / accessories for the baby and just focusing on the basics that we will need in the first few weeks. 

But then these happened:

And yes, I did buy the pink and the green.  There were all kinds of fun colors featured on Zulily and it was all I could do to only buy two pairs.  Obviously not knowing if I am having a girl or a boy meant purchasing two colors.  If it is a boy, I can always give the pink ones as a gift. 

These will be perfect for the Spring / Summer.  Especially considering Baby H will be working on crawling / walking / getting into everything.

Image Source:  Zulily

Product:  Trumpfit Moccasins

PS - I have an ultrasound tomorrow so hopefully Baby H will cooperate and we’ll get some good pics that I can post!


This is what I call progress ya’ll.

21.5 Weeks:

Last Thursday, ~34.5 Weeks:

Or, you know, holy S, this is getting really close to being real. 

I waiver between being ready for this little human to “get the heck out and give me my space back already” to “don’t come out because then that means I will have to take care of you…FOR THE NEXT 18 YEARS AAAYYYYAAYYY!!!!!!”.

Lesson Learned


Scene 1, Act 1: Hindenlang family baby shower; Ashland, Ohio

Family member 1-20: Your normal run-of-the-mill “how have you been feeling” type question with my normal, “pretty good, can’t really complain, didn’t throw up in the first trimester, slight back aches” answer.

Fast forward approximately thirty minutes after the last person of the evening asked the question.

Scene 1, Act 2: Groaning in bed with an upset stomach

Karma.  From 11pm to 6am.

Moral of the story: NEVER even come close to putting out into the universe that you have been feeling relatively well because God will smite you with a lightening bolt of nastyness that will require you to bunker down in a bathroom for seven hours begging for forgiveness of your sins.  Oh, and said bathroom will be shared by you and at least five other people who are, hopefully, not needing said bathroom.

And that wasn’t even labor.

PS - Zofran is a miracle drug and should be carried with you always.

PSS - Especially when you already have some at your house and the small town you are in doesn’t have a pharmacy opening until 10am.


I’m sure my stellar pictures have been sorely missed.  But I’ve been a little distracted.  What with three weekends in a row of travel, a three hour child birth class for the last four weeks, and your normal survive-the-week stuff.  Things look to be slowing down slightly, ie-we are home this weekend. 

I wish I could say I was just going to lay around but all the stuff that we generally handle during the weekend has accumulated into a nasty to-do list. 

We did manage to get the twin beds out of the nursery and I cleaned out (ie - moved the stuff to the other guest room) the drawers and closet.  We plan on assembling the crib this weekend and I will put away some more of the great stuff we got at a couple other showers.

We won’t be skipping out on watching college football though.  That would be sacrilegious.

So THIS Happened

I don’t think it is a secret that pregnant women bring out the crazy in other people.  How many times have you heard of so-and-so having a stranger give them advice or rub their belly?  Luckily, I haven’t had a COMPLETE stranger touch me but I did have THIS happen:

This past Friday we were at the airport going to one of our terminals (there were a few-what up A, B, and E?  Miss you, NOT!).  As we rode the escalator down to the tram, a man and, I presume, his wife, smiled at me and then said something about “blessings be with me”.  I’ll take a blessing any day so I smiled and said thank you.

We then got on different trams.  We got off at the same terminal (hint, this is where things go array) and he starts talking to us.  (His wife has abandoned him as we ride the escalator up, she is a SMART lady…or maybe not since she married him, I digress).

Except he is now telling me about a mantra I should say when I am in labor.  Positive affirmations are commonly taught in childbirth classes so I still didn’t think much of this. 

Except his was: “I am a being of violet fire! I am a being of God’s desire!”. 

Me: “Did you say violent or violet??

Him: “Violet”

Okay, this is getting weird, violent or violet.

Some time after the initial mantra repetition and “I believe in reincarnation” and “You should bring St. Mary and St. Christopher with you and hold their hand” (wait, how will I hold David’s hand? I don’t have enough hands) I stopped following.

The guy was all over the place.  He was only supposed to tell me a mantra and then just starts rambling about all kinds of stuff.  At one point he told me that “atoms making up everything.  Alpha to Omega” as in AtoM, get it?  Yea…

Eventually Dave cut him off just as I was about to and we went our separate ways…in more ways than one.

I, of course, had to google this stuff later and found this:

"Violet flame is an invisible spiritual energy with the power to totally transform your life. If haven’t heard much about the violet flame before, read the violet flame page first.

Visualization is key. However, it’s only through speaking that the atoms start to vibrate, move and change, under the direction of what you see in your mind’s eye.”

If you really care to read more about this violet flame stuff, I found this informative link.

Let’s hope things don’t get any weirder than that in the next nine weeks.